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Spring Farm Riverside Registration Activity


18-Apr-2017: Nepean Village Stage 1 Linen Release

We are pleased to let you know that the Nepean Village linen plan has been released from Council. The plan will now be routed to, and signed by all of the relevant stakeholders after which time, it will be lodged with the Land and Property Information (LPI) for registration. Rest assured, the most arduous part of the administrative process is now complete!

We will be in touch again when the plan has been lodged with the LPI.




29-Mar-2017: Nepean Village Stage 1 Update

In our update of 17 March, we indicated that our next update would be triggered by the lodgement of the Nepean Village plan at the Land and Property Information (LPI). However, this has not yet occurred and understandably, we are experiencing a high number of enquiries from purchasers. We are therefore posting this update to provide an interim update on the progress of the release of the plan from Council.

We are pleased to let you know that an agreement has been reached with our new adjoining neighbour. We anticipate that the requisite easement plan will be signed in the coming days. As you are aware, once the plan is signed, it will be released from Council. 

We will post an update to this page again as soon as the plan has been released.




17-Mar-2017: Riverside Stage 61-62 Now Registered !

We are very pleased to inform you that Riverside Stage 61-62 has now registered !

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your patience and wish you all the best for your future at Spring Farm Riverside!




17-Mar-2017: Nepean Village Stage 1 Update

Further to our email of last week, please find a link to a copy of the letter to be sent to solicitors and/or conveyancers for Stage 1 Nepean Village Purchasers, below.

As we expect discussions to be finalised very soon, our next communique will be to let you know that the plan has been signed and released from Council for submission to the Land and Property Information (LPI) for registration.

Marsdens Letter: Nepean Village Stage 1 Marsdens Letter: Nepean Village Stage 1 (68 KB)




13-Mar-2017: Nepean Village Stage 2 Registration Delay

We are writing to advise that the registration date for Nepean Village Stage 2, previously estimated for the second quarter of 2017, has unfortunately been pushed back to the third quarter of 2017, due to rain delays.

Between the beginning of December 2016 and the end of last week and taking into account the three week Xmas shutdown period by our earthworks contractors, there were just 32 rain free working days where construction was able to proceed uninterrupted by rain. 

We understand that this news will be disappointing for many purchasers but we are determined to make all efforts to recover lost time over the coming months, through to registration of your land.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.




08-Mar-2017: Nepean Village Stage 1 Registration Update

Further to our February update, we would like to provide some clarity around the delayed issuance of the Subdivision Certificate (SC) from Council for Nepean Village Stage 1. You will by now be aware, that the SC is the final requirement, prior to lodging the plan with the Land and Property Information (LPI) for registration to occur.

As a part of the SC sign-off process by Council, an adjacent land owner to our Stage 1 Nepean Village, is required to sign an authority for a temporary drainage easement on his land. The signing of the authority is straight forward and pursuant to a pre-existing legal agreement, between Cornish Group and the land owner.

Unfortunately, the party in question has been evasive in signing the document to finalise the SC process. Consequently, our solicitors, Marsdens Law Group, have been engaged and are in the process of enforcing the condition of the agreement legally. In addition to this email, Marsdens will write to your solicitor or conveyancer under separate cover, with an explanation. 

In parallel to this legal remedy, we are working on a temporary solution with Council in order to obtain the subdivision certificate as quickly as possible. We will know more over the course of the next week and will disseminate further information as soon as it comes to hand.

We want to take this opportunity to emphasise that we are sending this email to provide transparency and would like to underscore the fact that there is no cause for alarm. The situation is being dealt with as our highest priority and will be resolved as soon as possible.

We will send / post further information as it arises and ask that in the meantime, you please refer questions regarding this matter to your solicitor or conveyancer.




01-Mar-2017: Stage 61-63 Registration Update

The Stage 61 and 62 plans were released from Council this afternoon, to be signed and lodged with Land and Property Information (LPI) tomorrow. 

After lodgement, a plan can take up to 48hrs to appear within the LPI system as having been received. It then is placed in the LPI queue until it is assigned to an examiner, who will authorise registration of the plan, with settlements to follow. The time required for the LPI to process the plans can be between 2 and 4 weeks.

We look forward to posting our next update - when registration has occurred !




08-Feb-2017: Nepean Village Stage 1 AND Riverside Stage 61-62 Plan Release From Council Imminent

The Subdivision Certificate packages for both Nepean Village Stage 1 and also Riverside Stage 61-62, lodged with Council in January, are in the final stages of checking and we understand that their release is imminent.  

Please check this page in the coming days for further updates.




01-Nov-2016: Nepean Village Stage 1 Registration Update

Works are continuing in earnest at Nepean Village and we expect that the plan of subdivision for Stage 1, will be lodged with the Land and Property Information (LPI) in January 2017, with registration occurring shortly thereafter.




01-Nov-2016: Stage 61-63 Registration Update

Civil construction is now well underway and we expect that the plan of subdivision for Stages 61-63, will be lodged with the Land and Property Information (LPI) in January 2017, with registration occurring shortly thereafter.