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Spring Farm Riverside Registration Activity


16-Apr-2018: Stage 45-46 Purchaser Update

We are pleased to let you know that the subdivision certificate package for Stage 45-46 was lodged with Camden Council on Friday. 

During the coming 4-6 weeks, Council will review the package and undertake their administrative signoffs. At the same time, we will complete some minor, unfinished works. We expect the completion of works to coincide with Council’s timeframe for assessing and then granting the subdivision certificate. With this in mind, we estimate a best case scenario for the timing of registration as June, but it may fall into Q3 of 2018.

This web page will contain updates as we progress through the final steps to registration. Please check here regularly for the most up to date information on the registration of your land. 

Alternatively, please call our sales office on 1800 044 174 if you have any further queries.




05-Mar-2018: Further Update for Nepean Village Purchasers of Lots 252 – 266 Only

Good news...! 

We have almost completed the acoustic fence at the rear of lots 252 to 266 and therefore we should be able to start booking in settlements from 19th of this month.

We will be in touch shortly with our purchaser's legal representatives.




30-Jan-2018: Update for Nepean Village purchasers of lots 252 – 266 only

As the acoustic fence was not completed in the time we were originally given by our contractors, we made a commitment to Council that we would not settle these 15 lots until the acoustic fence was completed at the rear of the lots.

Our contractors tell us that there is only one timber mill on the Eastern seaboard that can execute an order of that magnitude and that the order can be delivered around the end of February.

We are waiting on confirmation of the installation program so we can give a more accurate indication of settlements. 

We appreciate your patience and apologise for this delay. 




10-Jan-2018: Nepean Village Stage 2 Has Registered !!!

We are very pleased to inform you that Nepean Village Riverside Stage 2 has now registered !

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your patience and wish you all the best for your future at Spring Farm Riverside!